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Elsa rockin’ on the stage in Ricky’s class ;)
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#mcm Robin Williams in #Hook
#happyRelaxationDay I’m enjoying an awesome rainy day in Montana :)
Support AFHS football….. See you there.

From the beginning….

From the beginning….


A story must be told from the beginning, most of the time. I have it all tumbling in my brain. I am inspired to tell my stories. They are stories that define me. I have shared them with many already.


As I spend hour on the open road with my thoughts, I repeat meaningful moments over and over. Sometimes I have the same feelings as I did the moment they originally occurred. Other times, it’s…

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Robin Williams in Hook

Robin Williams in Hook


Bernie loved the movie Hook. If you knew him, you know he loved the idea of staying young forever.


He was young just like Peter Pan. He really never grew up!


I imagine him in heaven with his lost boys.


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…..someday I’ll be part of your world

…..someday I’ll be part of your world


I planned on getting a mermaid tattoo this summer to represent my vacation and many other aspects of who I am. After I received the phone call with the news and I painted and I soaked in a few days of the ocean, it was clear to me that I had to get The Little Mermaid for all the messages that she represents.


Love knows no boundaries.

She listened to her heart above all other voices.



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Butchie 1996

I have a lot to say about this but for now I will simple let this photo say it all. More to come.

My Art


The day after I got the call I spent at the San Clemente beach. The next day I walked to an art studio and signed up for a class. I chose to paint the San Clemente pier.


San Clemente holds amazing, beautiful memories for me of a young couple starting their life as a family in a paradise including cool sea breezes, relaxed beach attitudes and a hope for an everlasting peaceful life.


We mutually…

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Who’s meeting me for Happy Hour?
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Today was the first day of my Industry Update Externship at the Preschool. I really am a preschool teacher at heart! I’m loving my summer. #sunshine #legos #earlychildhood #mycareer #myinspiration
#yummy weekend (at Joyride)